Battle site of Glen Shiel (1719) ***

In this region: <<<<<  >>>>>


In this pass a furious but short 'battle' took place. It was the only 'real battle' during the Jacobite rising of 1719.

It all began late in the afternoon of 10th June 1719, when the government forces advanced on the Jacobite defences.

In an attempt to soften-up the enemy, the government forces first used mortars to bombard the Jacobite position. Then the infantry attacked the Jacobite flanks, whilst shells kept dropping on the enemy's centre, keeping the Spanish troops pinned down in their defences on the northern slopes of the glen.

After three hours of stubborn resistance, the Jacobites were eventually driven from their defensive position and forced into retreat. The Spanish marines, finding that most of their allies had deserted them, were forced in to an orderly fighting retreat and later surrendered.

There are signs pointing the way but you really should try and get up the hill to get a sense of what happened way back then.

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