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Orkney Islands

With no tradition of clans or tartans, Orkney is not "Highlander" or "Scottish". It is uniquely Orcadian. Though Orkney was inhabited by Picts from the 6th century BC, during most of its formative history – from 875 until 1468 – it was a trading hub of the Norwegian realm and it still feels more Scandinavian than Celtic. In Orkney you'll find the remains of Neolithic communities where subterranean homes were connected by tunnels and lit only by whale-oil lamps.

Orkney (70 islands / 20 inhabited) can be alluring for travelers seeking a contrast to the rest of Scotland. The islands' claims to fame – astonishing prehistoric sites, Old Norse heritage, and recent history as a WWI and WWII naval base – combine to spur travelers' imaginations.

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My very personal selection:

Location: Evie / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 59.123891,-3.081402

Location: Stenness / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 58.996407,-3.187818

Location: Stenness / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 59.001527,-3.230139

Location: Skail / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 59.048788,-3.341371

Location: Isbister / Isle of South Ronaldsay / GPS/Map: 58.742818,-2.920663

And than there are.......

Location: Kirkwall / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 58.980865,-2.959904

Location: Pierowall / Isle of Westray / GPS/Map: 59.321082,-3.005343

Location: Kirkwall / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 58.981243,-2.961028

Location: Kirkwall / Isle of Mainland / GPS/Map: 58.981237,-2.959393