Annandale Way

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This is a 4-stage walk with an overall difficulty grading of 3 (Moderate) from Moffat to the Solway Firth. The terrain will at times be somewhat steep and map reading skills are essential. The Annandale Way, one of Scotland’s Great Trails, offers the walker the natural beauty and tranquillity of this somewhat lesser known part of Scotland.

The trail is mostly clearly waymarked and, starting out from Moffat, it winds slowly south.

Some 13 miles from Moffat at St Ann's, the more strenuous option continues via Lochmaben whilst the easier branch goes south-east through Lockerbie. Both spurs unite at Hoddom Castle. The trail finally finishes at the shore of the Solway Firth.

Note: there is no accommodation at St Ann's!

If you want to carry strait on to Lochmaben or Lockerbie you might consider taking a bus.


  1. Moffat - St Ann's 13 km (Grade: 1-Easy)
  2. St Ann's - Lochmaben 17 km (Grade: 1-Easy) or Lockerbie 20,75 km (Grade: 1-Easy)
  3. Hoddom Castle 21,5 km from Lochmaben (Grade: 3-Moderate) or 12,5 km from Lockerbie (Grade: 1-Easy)
  4. Hoddom Castle - Newbie Mains 16,25 km (Grade: 1-Easy)

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