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Battle site of Ancrum Moor (1545) *

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During the "Rough Wooing" two of Henry the VIII’s commanders, Sir Ralph Euer and Sir Brian Laiton, in the early weeks of 1545 crossed into Scotland with an army of around 5,000 men, including foreign mercenaries and Scottish borderers.

The English ravaged much of the borders and to counter them, the Earl of Angus raised a force of local militia. Strengthened by reinforcements, the Scots took up their position at Ancrum Moor. Because they were hugely

Ancrum Moor


outnumbered, the Scots first lured the English cavalry into a trap. Hampered by boggy ground the English infantry found it difficult to form for battle and when the 700 Scottish borderers decided to change sides the battle was all but over. The English lost around 600 including Euer and Laiton, with a further 1,000 taken prisoner.

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