Saughtree, Station & B&B

Published on 2 April 2020 at 14:05

January 28 2024: This B&B has recently changed ownership. The new owners will continue with the B&B and hope to be ready for guests by Easter!

Saughtree is small, very small. The hamlet can be found just a few km north of Newcastleton and 28 km south of Hawick in beautiful Liddesdale in the Scottish Borders. It is not only small but also very, very quiet. If you’re looking for a place to “get away from it all” Saughtree will definitely fit the bill.

Saughtree railway station, sitting in superb, remote and sparsely populated countryside, lies on the disused Border Counties Railway which once linked the Newcastle and Carlisle railway near Hexham with the Border Union railway at Riccarton Junction.  The line was opened in 1862 and closed in 1956. Refurbished and extended, the former station with the platform-rooms (more romantic than you might think) provides very comfortable guest accommodation for walkers, cyclists and.....everyone else.

A third of a mile of track has been laid on which sits an original Ruston ‘diesel shunter’ (called Meg!), two

wagons and a guard's van. There is also a platform bench (you might have a long wait) and a platelayers hut.

The old 19th century station sits high on a ridge due to the now demolished Saughtree Railway Viaduct and offers superb views of the Liddesdale countryside.

Within easy reach are the great ruins of Hermitage Castle and of course Melrose Abbey and Jedburgh Abbey, both ruins as well! For a truly restful stay in the heart of the Scottish Borders this B&B is without a doubt the perfect choice and seems to touch many a heartstring as guests have developed a real connection with Saughtree and its magnificent setting.

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