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26 September 2020

Added a new blog

A blog on the quandary I find myself in whether to promote or keep 'finds' to myself!

3 September 2020

  • Added a more in-depth section on the Vikings in History.
  • An overview of 'all' the Long Distance Walks is to be found at the bottom of the LDW-page. Due to the limitations set by Google the Scottish National Trail, the Cross Borders Drove Road, the Deeside Way and the trails from the Way of St Andrews can only be found on their respective pages.

Reading the History page from the start I noticed there was hardly any information on the somewhat troubled  'relationship' between Scots and Vikings. That has been remedied.

1 September 2020

All the trails now have downloadable GPX-files.

These files are of major importance as you might want to import them in your own mapping software.

28 August 2020

Added "The Way of St Andrews" (4 separate routes) as Long Distance Trails. Also added the Cross Borders Drove Road and the Deeside Way.

These are the last trails that will be added....for now.

23 August 2020

The Long Distance Trails are all done (for now). It's about time I start out again on opening up a few more regions and new entries.

I have a few more Ideas about the walks but that will have to wait. Problem is I can't find the gpx-files from the Heritage Paths. Would love to put these on the map as well.

16 August 2020

Have started out adding better maps to the individual Long Distance Walks pages. The Affric Kintail Way is the first.

Although not perfect, these new maps are better than the old 'home grown' maps.

13 August 2020

Added a very nice video to the blog on Saughtree Railway Station

A video made by one of their guests. Well done.

11 August 2020

Almost all the links to the OS maps are finally back in working order.

Found a link that does not work? Let me know!

I can't spend much time on the website at the moment, but the flow of content will pick up in the next few days/weeks. There are still a few regions to go. Found also new interesting places to visit that must be included.

20 July 2020

Added a deeply moving video to the home page

I've not seen and experienced such a stunning video in a long time. You will love it!

15 July 2020

The URL change with regard to the Ordnance Survey maps has been postponed to the 23 of July. Untill then the present URL's should work.

Although the site's visitor shouldn't notice anything, I promise to keep an eye on this administrative "hassle".

10 July 2020

The small maps on the different "entry pages" are being moved to the top right corner in order to bring these pages in line with the Long Distance Trails pages.

As I said; To bring these pages in line.

30 June 2020

Added blog on the fantastic Heritage Paths Project

Just read it!

17 June 2020

Long Distance Walking Trails: Started adding links to relevant Ordnance Survey Maps (1:25).

At the moment the Ayrshire Coastal Path and the Annandale Way. The others will follow shortly!

11 June 2020

Added blog on the lack of response.........Anybody Out There?

Calling upon the 'community' to communicate!

4 June 2020

Added a stunning Virtual Tour to the blog on Rosslyn Chapel

This is fantastic! Turn up the sound.......

3 June 2020

Added blog on Overlordship

Edward I gave it another go, but his successors failed in the end.

31 May 2020

Returned to a 'normal' banner on the HOME page

Although at first I really liked the animated banner, there was something irritating about it.

20 May 2020

Added buttons (bottom of the pages) to share on your social media.

Makes it a lot easier for viewers to....share.

18 May 2020

In truth there is nothing NEW to report

Simply to let you know that this is a sort of sabbatical. There are so many other 'things' going on that my priorities have changed for now. This is temporary! I will be back shortly!!!!!

1 May 2020

A new animated banner on the HOME page!

A little later than expected but it's done! I love it!

27 April 2020

Added a video to the Cairngorms National Park and a

video to the blog on the NC500

Just adds a nice touch.

25 April 2020

Playing with the Idea of an animated banner on the Home page.

Looking at https://cameronmcneish.wixsite.com/cameronmcneish/bio I thought it would be nice to have a somewhat similar animated banner on this site. Still not really happy with the one I have right now. Hope to change that in the near future.

19 April 2020

Judith is very productive. Another blog!

Visiting stunning Rosslyn Chapel.

18 April 2020

The History page has been expanded with information on the early (oft obscure) rulers in Scotland.

The separate page on the rulers of early Scotland has been deleted. The info has been incorporated in the History page.

13 April 2020

A blog from guest blogger Judith was added today

A personal tour of Traquair House.

5 April 2020

Added a video of a very moving song performed by Karin Matheson (Capercaille): "Crucán na bPáiste" on the Home page.

Very special!

3 April 2020

VisitScotland has produced a dedicated video "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". See the Home page.

A virtual hug to fans of Scotland, near and far, with a heart-warming film asking them to dream about visiting now, but to travel later.

2 April 2020

A blog from guest blogger Rachel was added today

An then there were 3 bloggers!

1 April 2020


27 March 2020

And another blog! This time on the NC500.

Just one more for the road!

26 March 2020

Published another somewhat melancholy blog

I just wish..............

21 March 2020

A short blog from a guest blogger was added today

Our Scotland expert "on site" has provided a short blog to be published on Scotland's Finest.

19 March 2020

Started a regular blog

I will try to write a new blog every 2 or 3 weeks.

15 March 2020

Adding more substance to published items.

Although the next region is about halfway done, I've decided to add some more substance to the entries allready published, first.

I found myself being less and less happy with these published entries, as quite a lot of them did not have enough 'flesh' on their bones.

I might have started all this because personally it gives me a lot of fun, but on the other hand, the 'dot on the horizon' (an attractive and, above all, informative website) should be what I'm aiming for. Just bear with me.

6 March 2020

Twentyfour entries added.

24 February 2020

Sixteen entries added.

24 February 2020

Redesigned the WALKS, ROUTES & PATHS page

Presentation of this page on the smartphone was awful. Hopefully fixed now.

22 February 2020

The HERITAGE PATHS are live!

These paths connect the different Long Distance Walking Trails. They're a welcome addition!

20 February 2020

Added "Glen Roy and the Braeroy Road" to SCENIC ROUTES

A great route to try out next time you are near Roybridge.

15 February 2020

The region Argyll & The Isles is now live!

Forty interesting entries added.

10 February 2020

Made space available  on TRAILS/ROUTES for the "Heritage Paths"

Details on the "Heritage Paths" will be added in the forthcoming months,

10 February 2020

Have re-opened PLACES TO VISIT

Solved a few issues and, although not all regions are 'done' yet, there is enough content to 'go public'.

6 February 2020


5 February 2020

Hope to finish Argyll & The Isles within a few days!