18 July 2023

A new page on the 100 favourite walks of Cameron McNeish!

As of today there is a new page dedicated to "Scotland's 100 Best Walks", as they were compiled by Cameron McNeish. Not long distance trails but 'other' walks: short, longer and a lot longer. Enjoy!

29 June 2023

A new blog finally!!!

Today I added a new blog with more information on the almost 'elusive' Mary, Queen of Scots Way. Thank you Marta Pereira!!!

25 June 2023

The Mary, Queen of Scots Way has been added

After a query from one of my 'followers' I decided to add the trail to my collection. It's an interesting trail with quite a few links to the turbulent days of Scotlands most famous queen.

22 February 2023

So happy to report that, after a hiatus of almost 2 years due to the passing of my wife, I am back on stage with my beloved 'Scotland's Finest'.

All that time I simply couldn't be bothered with it. Now I'm finally back on track! All it took to rekindle my interest was the right day (gloomy and overcast), the right setting (a cup of coffee and always evocative Capercaille-"The Blood Is Strong" in the background) AND the sheer will to get on with it!

First point of order is to tackle the icons on the (many) maps. Untill now I've used different icons to represent specific "attractions" (castles, museums etc.). Although the result was exactly what I intended, the maps got very cluttered. I've decided therefore to use one icon (.) and to differentiate with specific colours. For visitors to the site that might entail a somewhat different approach but the maps themselves will be much clearer.

Second point of order: "Scotland's Finest Villages" needs a lot of attention and of course there is the region of Ayrshire and Arran! Later this season Glasgow and finally Fife will be tackled. I must admit I'll be very glad when all the different regions are finally done because than I can start adding new finds and maybe 'do' a page on transport.

2 February 2023

The The Heart of the Borders Route has changed!

I have changed this scenic route as I just was not happy with it. The new one is much better!!

27 September 2022

Early Rulers!

I've added a separate page with a listing and scheme of the early rulers of Scotland.

22 September 2022

My apologies!

Am very busy replacing the GPS codes with Plus codes while at the same time fine-tuning the layout.

During the process I noticed many inconsistencies which (of course) have to be tackled and all of that takes up time. That means that for the moment you might see GPS- and Plus codes. Both lead you to the same map, although Plus codes are a bit more accurate.

Why replacing GPS with Plus?

A GPS coordinate represents the exact same information but to get the required level of precision uses more digits and gives a messier looking "address". Also you have to have all the digits of a GPS address to have meaning, even in a local scale. With a grid reference you can strip off leading digits and operate within the box defined by the digits you stripped off and the remaining digits still have meaning.

In about a week's time I hope to finish.

20 September 2022

Working on 3 different 'projects'. Keeps me busy!

  1. Replacing GPS codes with Plus codes.
  2. Changing the layout.
  3. Completing Ayrshire & Arran.

28 August 2022

Dumfries & Galloway has come aboard!

This southern region is now part of Scotland's Finest. Has taken quite a long time. Will try to do better.

29 July 2022

Added a page on the weather with a link to the forecast!

Look here!

14 July 2022

The page on whisky has more more body now!

The map will show only distilleries that can be visited. "Have a dram, will travel".

07 June 2022

A new blog

Just completed a fine walk in the Scottish Borders. Got to talk with the owners of the Gordon Arms at Mountbenger. Was quite interesting. Wrote a blog about it.

02 February 2022

The dedicated accommodation page has arrived!

Yes, I receive a small commission but every penny helps the site to expand!

24 January 2022

Added a new Scenic Route: Knoydart: Off the Main Road Route.

This page is slowly filling up with recommended routes. Scenic routes you wil certainly enjoy!

18 January 2022

Scotland's Finest will have a dedicated Accommodation page within the nex 2-3 weeks! I'm tickled!

Yes, but it will be through a so called "Affiliation Program", meaning that I will receive a commission for every booking. I'm still somewhat hesitant whether this is really the route I want to travel, but on the other hand I've spent so many, many hours creating this site that it would be nice to get something (other than a lot of pleasure) out of it.

16 January 2022

The Scenic Routes page has been revamped with GPX's, better maps and places to visit while on route.

The new format should make a visit to the page a more 'holistic' experience.

09 January 2022

Also the main page of the Trails has been overhauled (a new look and feel)

04 January 2022

Shortly (I hope!) 5 'new' Long Distance Walking Trails will be added: Hebridean Way, Stevenson Way, Romans and Reivers Route, Coast to Coast Scotland, Famous Highland Drove Walk.

Not much extra information yet. Finally found myself again after a long period of inactivity! I will also be adding the last GPX files for the remaining Heritage Paths. Love this!

28 December 2021

Added new GPX files for Heritage Paths

Added GPX file for the Heritage Path between the River Ayr Way (Muirkirk) and the Southern Upland Way (Wanlockhead).

Added GPX file for the Heritage Path between the Affric Kintail Way (Tomich) and the South Loch Ness Trail & The Great Glen Way at Fort Augustus.

27 December 2021

Added GPX file Heritage Path

Especially for long distance walkers:  I've added a GPX file for an interesting Heritage Path that connects the Affric Kintail Way with the Cape Wrath Trail. The file can be found on the pages dedicated to both these Long Distance Trails.

20 December 2021

And yet another blog from Judith

Judith has been doing the rounds of the Balmoral estate and was even tempted (only for a second!) to bag a real Munro!

16 December 2021

Added "Getting, to, from and around" to the LINKS

Had an email from a 'well known' tickets platform asking whether they could have a mention on the LINKS page. That made me realize that the LINKS page didn't yet provide for this sort of information. All taken care of now!

27 November 2021

Added GPX file for the Heritage Path connecting the Cape Wrath Trail / Scottish National Trail with the John o'Groats Trail

This is an interesting option for those doing the Cape Wrath Trail or Scottish National Trail. A very interesting Heritage Trail that makes it possible to switch to the John o'Groats Trail. (See: Cape Wrath Trail)

13 November 2021

A blog from Judith: the Linn of Dee!

12 November 2021

Made mention of the YouTube channel of Bruce Fumey on the History page.

If you're interested in the people, places and events in Scottish history (quote!) you really aught to have a look at the YouTube channel of the 'stand-up comic come tour guide' (another quote!) Bruce Fumey. A great many short 15 minutes videos in which Bruce tackles often complicated subjects. His presentation is unique! 'In the mean time let me tell you a story' (yet another quote!)

26 October 2021

Another blog! This one actually a follow up of the one from 10 October.

Just like the one from 10 October this blog has many personal undertones. It's time to get on with it!

10 October 2021

Two new blogs!!!

One new blog from Judith and a very personal one from the 'undersigned'.

9 August 2021

A stunning video has been added to the "Scottish Finest Nature"- page!

This video produced by David Linnett shows the grandeur of the North West Highlands. Breathtaking!

30 July 2021

Added 2 stunning pix on the blog of Hartleap B&B

This B&B is a true Borders resort!

7 July 2021

And another blog from Duncan!

See below..a new blog on the Mound of Death.

4 July 2021

A new blog on the block! Welcome Duncan!

Duncan Harley, author of The A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire and The Little History of Aberdeenshire has been so kind to grace Scotland's Finest with an interesting titbit. Have a look at the Blogs page.

18 June 2021

A very Interesting new entry on the Links page

The Adventure People is committed to providing adventures that are original, ethical and great value for money. They provide small, guided groups that you can join as a solo traveller, as a pair or with your own group. You have the expertise of our local guides leading you and helping uncover the destinations’ best-kept secrets and you have like-minded adventurers to share the experience with. If you prefer a more independent experience try one of their self-guided tours, where they can equip you with everything you will need and you can explore at your own pace. Their experts can advise on the best trips according to your criteria and make suggestions to help you get the most out of your trip.

23 February 2021

Busy with the ownership of the pictures used on this site.

I never much bothered with the ownership of the pictures I used on this site, but then it started to dawn on me that this is a very serious 'thing' with possible very serious financial consequences.. So.....I have to look at every page whether the ownership has been made sufficiently clear. If not.....I'll make it clear! Could take a while. In the meantime Dumfries & Galloway is progressing slowly.

17 February 2021

A 'special' on the First War of Independence has just been added!

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Wonder what you think of it!

14 February 2021

The Shetland Islands are now live. Not many entries yet. More coming!

There are 4 more regions to tackle. Due to personal circumstances it might take some time however before the next region comes online. Do stay with me in the meantime please! I will be back!!!

10 February 2021

As of today 10 februari all Region pages offer the added option to have a look at an overall map!

If you now pick a region you can from that particular page access the overall map!

8 February 2021

.....and another blog! This time on Orkney!

A very accessible blog on Judith's fascination with the Orkney Islands.

7 February 2021

The Orkney Islands have been added!

The Orkney Isles, a heaven for those interested in ancient brochs, Vikings and Picts. Only a few entries. More to be added in the future!

3 February 2021

A new blog! Again? Yes, it's a true Victorian Tale.....

As blogs go, you never know what stories and tales will pop up. I like this one!

2 February 2021

It has taken a long time, but finally that region has been 'done'.........for the moment!

29 January 2021

A new blog by our spirited Judith on the many delights of Glen Garroch ("Geery") Distillery.

I've been to quite a few distilleries myself but Glen Garrioch sounds very.....attractive!

23 January 2021

Scotland's most pleasant, interesting or picturesque villages/small towns are now live! Not quite done yet!

Twenty more to go!

16 January 2021

Opening a whole new category shortly.

Next to the existing categories (castles etc.) there will be a new category on the most pleasant, interesting or picturesque villages/small towns in Scotland.

13 January 2021

Looking for a GPX-file on a specific walk in Scotland? I might help you out!

Use the Contact page for enquiries!

9 January 2021

A new blog by Judith!

A blog on the ancient treasures of Kilmartin Glen.

8 january 2021

Just stopped pottering! Time for a new region!

Perthshire now has my full attention. Will not take very long. Probably this week.

6 January 2021

Still pottering away at the Long Distance Trails

This takes way longer than I anticipated. There are not only glaring mistakes in the different descriptions but also the 'intersections' between the different trails require quite some looking into as do the maps. Sorry.

23 December 2020

Checked all the entries on the regional maps and reworked the pages on the Cairngorms and the Trossachs.

Still found quite a few omissions and blatant mistakes. Made me grumble! When 'filling' a new site with content one really has to be a multi-tasker (I'm not.....but I'm learning!)

16 December 2020

Added the SCRAN Search Box! This is a very interesting tool that you'll find on the Places to visit in Scotland page.

Just have a look. This is really a wonderfull tool that offers near endless possibilities!

13 December 2020

Combined the former About page with the Why page into the ME & WHY page.

There was a certain redundancy contained in the texts on these pages. Combining these pages feels better.

11 December 2020

Added a number of new interesting places to visit.

There were a couple of interesting 'items' (15 to be exact) that needed to be included. To name just a few: Eas Mòr Waterfall , Wailing Widow Falls, Eas a Chual Aluinn Waterfall, Dumbarton Castle, Midhope Castle and Traquair House.

3 December 2020

On the main LDWT-page there is now 1 map (instead of 3) with an overview of all the walking trails. Heritage Paths have been added.

Although a few details still need attention I do consider this whole walking business as 'done' (for now)

29 November 2020

Spent the last few days at least 3 hours a day getting the Long Distance Walks pages just right. On the main LDWT-page there is now 1 map (instead of 3) with an overview. That map will be done in a few days.

It may seem as if I prefer working on the walking trails instead of getting more regions done. I think I actually do like getting the trails absolutely right. These trails, however, are also the backbone (with ribs) of the whole site. Once they are fully 'alligned' it will be much easier getting the regions on line.

25 November 2020

Still hard at work with the Perthshire, Angus & Dundee region.

Also made small changes to the lay-out of the Long Distance Walks pages. Now also adding the 'visitable places' en route and the stages to the trail maps.

Here an example of the (rather subtle) changes.

The Long Distance Walks pages needed some doing as they had some issues when viewing them on a smartphone. Hope that's finally settled!

16 November 2020

See 6 November: New rating system has been fully implemented

Finally a new region is to be added soon!

14 November 2020

Added a new blog

I came across this article and want to share it with all those who consider history as a total bore.

6 November 2020

See 5 November: Have started on the overhaul of the rating system.

Two regions are done. I will not post more news on that item untill all regions are done.

5 November 2020

Caithness, Sutherland & Ross and Western Isles (Outer Hebrides) now have GPS/Map links on the Region page (See 26 October).

Directly from the region page to the map!

New insights: I (slowly) started to realize that my present rating system is inherently 'flawed' (confusing to visitors of Scotland's Finest and unfair to owners and caretakers of the different sites). Before finally moving on to adding more places to visit I should get that done first.

3 November 2020

Inverness, Loch Ness & Nairn now have GPS/Map links on the Region page (See 26 October).

Also a new blog on the Military Roads.

Directly from the region page to the map!

2 November 2020

Isle of Skye & Kyle of Lochalsh now have GPS/Map links on the Region page (See 26 October).

Also added yesteryear's Military Roads on the Heritage Paths page!!

Directly from the region page to the map!

1 November 2020

Aviemore & The Cairngorms now have GPS/Map links on the Region page (See 26 October).

Directly from the region page to the map!

30 October 2020

Finally! A new blog! Read The Heartleap Experience

Also: Aberdeen(shire) & Moray now have GPS/Map links on the Region page (See 26 October).

A very, very interesting B&B!!!

29 October 2020

See 26 October: Argyll & The Isles and Fort William, Ben Nevis & Lochaber now also have GPS/Map links on the Region page.

Directly from the region page to the map!

28 October 2020

See 26 October: Edinburgh and Loch Lomond, Stirling & The Trossachs now also has GPS/Map links on the Region page.

Directly from the region page to the map!

27 October 2020

See 26 October: Lothian & Scottish Borders now also has GPS/Map links on the Region page.

Directly from the region page to the map!

26 October 2020

Adding GPS/Map links on the Region pages. Just England so far. The other regions will follow.

Just to make it easier to provide a direct link from a region page to a particular visitable place on the map..

24 October 2020

Looking forward to the upcoming blogs from Mike Brockhurst "The Walking Englishman" and from Lindsay Lewis from Heartleap B&B in the Scottish Borders.

I've asked Mike and Lindsay to contribute to Scotland's Finest. Mike's blog will probably about the many joys of walking (he's an absolute fanatic) and Lindsay might very well............. Allright, let's just wait and see!

14 October 2020

Added Glen Etive Scenic Abundance to Scenic Routes

Also exchanged the 'home grown' maps for Google maps.

I feel a bit ashamed I have not included this wonderful drive earlier.

5 October 2020

Putting extra time in the SEO

For those who don't have a clue: SEO = Search Engine Optimization. So, I'm doing some 'things' in the background that should have a positive effect on the site's relationship with different search engines. It is also more work than I anticipated. Nevertheless it has to be done!

26 September 2020

Added a new blog

A blog on the quandary I find myself in whether to promote or keep 'finds' to myself!

3 September 2020

  • Added more 'body' on the Vikings in History.
  • An overview of 'all' the Long Distance Walks is to be found at the bottom of the LDW-page. Due to the limitations set by Google the Scottish National Trail, the Cross Borders Drove Road, the Deeside Way and the trails from the Way of St Andrews can only be found on their respective pages.

Reading the History page from the start I noticed there was hardly any information on the somewhat troubled  'relationship' between Scots and Vikings. That has been remedied.

1 September 2020

All the trails now have downloadable GPX-files.

These files are of major importance as you might want to import them in your own mapping software.

28 August 2020

Added "The Way of St Andrews" (4 separate routes) as Long Distance Trails. Also added the Cross Borders Drove Road and the Deeside Way.

These are the last trails that will be added....for now.

23 August 2020

The Long Distance Trails are all done (for now). It's about time I start out again on opening up a few more regions and new entries.

I have a few more Ideas about the walks but that will have to wait. Problem is I can't find the gpx-files from the Heritage Paths. Would love to put these on the map as well.

16 August 2020

Have started out adding better maps to the individual Long Distance Walks pages. The Affric Kintail Way is the first.

Although not perfect, these new maps are better than the old 'home grown' maps.

13 August 2020

Added a very nice video to the blog on Saughtree Railway Station

A video made by one of their guests. Well done.

11 August 2020

Almost all the links to the OS maps are finally back in working order.

Found a link that does not work? Let me know!

I can't spend much time on the website at the moment, but the flow of content will pick up in the next few days/weeks. There are still a few regions to go. Found also new interesting places to visit that must be included.

20 July 2020

Added a deeply moving video to the home page

I've not seen and experienced such a stunning video in a long time. You will love it!

15 July 2020

The URL change with regard to the Ordnance Survey maps has been postponed to the 23 of July. Untill then the present URL's should work.

Although the site's visitor shouldn't notice anything, I promise to keep an eye on this administrative "hassle".

10 July 2020

The small maps on the different "entry pages" are being moved to the top right corner in order to bring these pages in line with the Long Distance Trails pages.

As I said; To bring these pages in line.

30 June 2020

Added blog on the fantastic Heritage Paths Project

Just read it!

17 June 2020

Long Distance Walking Trails: Started adding links to relevant Ordnance Survey Maps (1:25).

At the moment the Ayrshire Coastal Path and the Annandale Way. The others will follow shortly!

11 June 2020

Added blog on the lack of response.........Anybody Out There?

Calling upon the 'community' to communicate!

4 June 2020

Added a stunning Virtual Tour to the blog on Rosslyn Chapel

This is fantastic! Turn up the sound.......

3 June 2020

Added blog on Overlordship

Edward I gave it another go, but his successors failed in the end.

31 May 2020

Returned to a 'normal' banner on the HOME page

Although at first I really liked the animated banner, there was something irritating about it.

20 May 2020

Added buttons (bottom of the pages) to share on your social media.

Makes it a lot easier for viewers to....share.

18 May 2020

In truth there is nothing NEW to report

Simply to let you know that this is a sort of sabbatical. There are so many other 'things' going on that my priorities have changed for now. This is temporary! I will be back shortly!!!!!

1 May 2020

A new animated banner on the HOME page!

A little later than expected but it's done! I love it!

27 April 2020

Added a video to the Cairngorms National Park and a

video to the blog on the NC500

Just adds a nice touch.

25 April 2020

Playing with the Idea of an animated banner on the Home page.

Looking at I thought it would be nice to have a somewhat similar animated banner on this site. Still not really happy with the one I have right now. Hope to change that in the near future.

19 April 2020

Judith is very productive. Another blog!

Visiting stunning Rosslyn Chapel.

18 April 2020

The History page has been expanded with information on the early (oft obscure) rulers in Scotland.

The separate page on the rulers of early Scotland has been deleted. The info has been incorporated in the History page.