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Is this C2?

Published on 19 March 2020 at 16:31

This is an exceedingly strange year. Yet another C-word that sends shivers down our collective spine. C2, seemingly unstopable, continues to spread. Despite all our accumulated medical know-how, savy high-tech and best efforts, we are, at the moment, unable to rid ourselves of this growing scourge.

Hoarding ("hamsteren" in Dutch), a growing anxiety and more and more extreme measures being implemented are definite signs that we are in the grip of C2. One of the measures taken is the closing of the borders. Airline companies are closing down their operations and some are seriously threatened with the prospect of impending bankruptcy. It really feels as if the world slowly stops spinning. We’re all holding our breath.

Tourism in Scotland is also facing a dismal season. Fortunately the last few years can be considered as bumper years, which means there is some (not much) meat on the bones. The hope is that after the current crisis, when the “All clear” has been given, there will be a significant upturn in the economic fortunes......but than there is still Brexit, including Scexit of course. Don't worry. That's a B-word. Should be safe.....I hope.

I had a trip to Scotland planned in the usually beautifull month of May. A two-week easy walking trip in the Scottish Borders starting out from Brampton in Cumbria. On the route were (are!) Langholm, Hawick, Tushielaw, Peebles, Moffat and finally Carlisle.

Were.....because, as you might have guessed, there will be no trip to Scotland come spring. Not a full cancellation though! Just a postponement. Late summer or early autumn are still viable options on the condition we do manage to flush C2 down the proverbial drain, never to be seen again.

I leave you all with the fervent wish that things will get better. The next blog, I hope, will be more on a positive note! Above all: Stay safe!


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Conny Logjes
7 months ago

I have followed Scotlandsfinest and it looks spectacular. It looks so good that I want to go there one day.
Most aussies like Scotland and hopefully one day after we have all survived this virus drama, Scotland gets the lovely attention its deserves.
Conny (Australia)

7 months ago

Scotland looks and sounds blogging fabulous!

7 months ago

Hi Dirk, great blog! I hope your journey will go on later this year, let’s all stay indoors now so we can travel again sooner!